Ex-girlfriend of Manchester United’s Sergio Reguilon confirms breakup in tearful documentary

Marta Diaz has seemingly confirmed her breakup with Manchester star, Sergio Reguilon.

In her recent Amazon Prime show, La Vida de Marta Diaz, she was brought to tears talking about her former beauty

“I would say many things to Sergio… Thank you, thank you for…” Marta said before welling up in front of cameras, adding “Eh….For everything. He has helped me a lot and he has been a very, very important pillar for me, and he will always be.”

Despite the split, Reguilon, 26, is featured quite often in the documentary.

However, it is speculated the filming of the documentary was filmed before the couple went their separate ways.

Marta Diaz at the premiere of her new Amazon Prime documentary.
Europa Press / MEGA

“I am always the first to show myself a thousand flaws, and to be my worst enemy, but not today…,” Diaz wrote. “Today I want to give myself the pleasure of telling myself that I am proud of myself.”

She also mentioned that during the times she was working the hardest all she wanted to do was hide from her pain, speculated to be from the breakup.

The two were coupled up in Diaz’s post for their 4-year anniversary.
Inistagram/ Marta Diaz

“Myself, that I have carried it forward, only I know the strength and desire that I have had to put into it, especially in that last month, when the only thing I needed was to be in bed crying, or sleeping so that the hours would pass,” Diaz wrote.

However, before rumors of the split Diaz wrote a lengthy Instagram post about her boyfriend to commemorate their four year anniversary, saying it’s impossible to sum up their relationship in one video.

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