Man Utd could still qualify for Champions League this season despite not finishing in the top

There is a new format for the Champions League 23/24 season, which could have seriously positive implications for Manchester United this season.

The champions league is arguably the greatest club competition in world football. It oozes iconic fixtures, boasts the best players to ever play the game and, most importantly, has the single greatest sporting anthem to ever exist.

That’s why Erik ten hag and manchester united are always desperate to feature. There’s nothing quite like a European night under the lights midweek at old Trafford

A new format has come into place for the 23/24 season. This could further ensure Champions League qualification is possible, even if United don’t finish in the top four

Extra Premier League UEFA Champions League spot – Explained

According to the premier league official website for the first time in history the 2023/24 season could have five teams qualifying for the Champions League through their league positions.

How does this work?: The UEFA Champions League has a changed format for the 2024/25 season. It now has an expanded 36 participating teams in an all-new format.

This also makes it possible to give two countries a second spot. Which clubs collectively did the best in UEFA competitions the previous season determines this. Therefore, the team that finishes fifth this season will get a spot in the UCL if the Premier League clubs produce one of the top two performances for a country in the Champions League, Europa League, and Europa Conference League. What about the Conference League and Europa spots? The same procedures that have been used in previous years will apply to qualification for the two other UEFA competitions. The sixth-place team will advance to the Europa League if they qualify for the Champions League. In fact, this suggests that a staggering seven English teams may compete in the Champions

When will we find out who gets the 5th place spot?

We will likely only know when that fifth spot will come into play for the Champions League towards the end of the season.

Then, the geographical spread of the participating clubs in the latter stages of UEFA competitions is known.

Last season, because of Manchester City winning the Champions League and West Ham winning the Europa Conference – the Premier League would have definitely obtained this spot.

In seven of the past 11 seasons – the Premier League would have merited this extra spot. So the odds are in the English top flights favour again this year.

How can this affect Manchester United?

This could greatly benefit Manchester United – given the way the Red Devil’s season is going.

At the time of writing (24/10/2023) – Ten Hag’s side currently sit 8th in the table. This extra place could be absolutely crucial in securing the elite tier level of European football next season.

Right now, it’s really looking like Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal and Manchester City are nailed on for a top-four spot. The last place is definitely dubious.

At the moment, that’s certainly not Manchester United. Thus – having the fifth spot would give them at least an extra shot at playing in the elusive comp.

Let’s see how the season pans out.

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