Man Utd’s Marcus Rashford has gift from Cristiano Ronaldo nobody is allowed to touch

Fashionista Marcus Rashford is no stranger to donning rare items of clothing – but there are some pieces too special to be worn.

Not even by himself, it seems, if the clothing in question is special enough. And a pair of on-theme trainers gifted to him by Manchester United icon Cristiano Ronaldo appears to meet the cut in that regard.

It was back in 2018 when ‘CR7’ was on his way out of Real Madrid that the Portuguese ace packed up a pair of Nike Air Max 97 CRY Reds for Rashford. And more than five years later, the 26-year-old remains precious over the prized possessions that are apparently too close to his heart.

“No one can touch them! He was one of my favourite players growing up,” the England forward told Complex. “I liked the shoe, I’d love to wear the shoe, but if I messed them up then I don’t know what I’d do to myself. So, I’m just better to keep those ones away.”

Rashford took to Instagram to thank Ronaldo, 38, for his kind gesture at the time. The Englishman was two-and-a-half seasons deep as a senior United player at the time but still just 20 years of age, giving some sense of what it must have meant to him to receive anything from one of his generation’s greatest talents.


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