REPORT: Michigan football’s Jim Harbaugh receiving suspension is most likely focus of any potential penalties

Jim Harbaugh’s suspension is one possible punishment the Big Ten is about to inflict on the Michigan football team.

Right now, Michigan’s football team is rated #3 in the nation and is 9-0. Despite having the best record in college football this season, the Wolverines’ unimpressive schedule has made many people wary of them. Michigan’s greatest victory to date came against Rutgers, 6-3, at home. Although the Wolverines haven’t been put to the test yet, they will face #10 Penn State football on the road this weekend in a crucial test. One of the most important games in the Big Ten football calendar is this one, which ought to reveal a lot about this Michigan squad.

Football at Michigan is the small favorite going into this game; the spread presently favors the Wolverines by four points. But there’s a chance Michigan’s head coach Jim Harbaugh won’t be watching from the sidelines, and that would undoubtedly have a significant impact on the game.

The NCAA is now looking into allegations of sign-stealing involving Michigan football. Due to his sign-stealing scam, Connor Stalions has been well-known in the collegiate football world over the past three weeks. In the midst of the controversy, he recently resigned from his employment with the Wolverines.

This kind of NCAA inquiry usually takes a long time to finish, so Michigan’s season shouldn’t be impacted. But the Big Ten has the authority to intervene and impose sanctions, and this week, under intense pressure from Big Ten coaches to commissioner Tony Petitti, that very well may transpire.

According to an ESPN story, Jim Harbaugh may face discipline from the Big Ten as early as Thursday, with a suspension attempt being the most likely consequence. The University of Michigan is certain that they can get the decision overturned so that Harbaugh can continue to coach and watch from the sidelines, even if Petitti attempts to suspend him.



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