Rasmus Hojlund sends message to Manchester United supporters after 3-0 defeat to Newcastle

After losing to Newcastle, the beaten finalists from the previous season, Manchester United is eliminated from the Carabao Cup. You are familiar with it. That’s it—Manchester United concedes. This team has lost its spark and is unable to score goals. The game last night was over as soon as Newcastle took a 1-0 lead, and it was definitely over when they doubled it a few minutes later.
By time Rasmus Hojlund was brought onto the pitch midway through the second half, Manchester United were already 3-0 down.

Hojlund was essentially brought on to do some cardio work. The game was gone.

Rasmus Hojlund apologises

Manchester United striker Rasmus Hojlund is still bedding in and is still searching for his first domestic goal. It won’t come in the Carabao Cup.

He is new to the disappointment of losing games at Manchester United. After the game he sent a message to supporters.

Hojlund wrote a four-word instagram stories message, which read: “Sorry for today everyone.”

Bless him. He will soon grow tired of making social media apologies.

Hojlund was not to blame

The game was lost before Rasmus Hojlund came on, so this one is not on him. But he is clearly feeling the frustration like the rest of us.

It’s good to have players who care. Some of the others are going through the motions.

United rested Hojlund to give a chance to Anthony martial ut there is nothing to be learned there. Instead this was simply a case of managing the Dane’s fitness long term.


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