Roy Keane offered £1m boxing match live on TV to end 21-year-long feud with Liverpool hero

Former Liverpool player Jason McAteer has called on Roy Keane to join him in the ring and settle their differences with a £2million boxing match. The pair have gone back and forth in recent days after their on-field clashes were brought up as the Manchester United icon discussed the several red cards he was given during his playing career.

In 2002, Keane was given his marching orders for the third time in six months as tempers flared when United took on McAteer’s Sunderland. After the pair exchanged several feisty challenges, Keane struck McAteer in the face with his elbow and left the referee with no option but to send him off.

Speaking on The Overlap about the incident, Keane said: “He deserved it. Just because you play with someone doesn’t mean you’re mates. Do you know what, he was one of these players who shouted their mouths off.

“I didn’t mind lads kicking me or booting me, honestly, but McAteer as usual had plenty to say for himself. But even then, I didn’t deserve to be sent off in that game, absolutely not. If you look back on it, I didn’t even catch him.”

McAteer initially responded to Keane’s comments on social media, writing on X (formerly known as Twitter): “Love it. Players shouting their mouths off !!! Funny You can’t shut the clown up now. And no we weren’t team-mates cause he never showed up and when he did he went home !!!! Please !!!!! Bore off.”

He then followed that up on beIN SPORTS by challenging Keane to a boxing match live on TV, asking promoter Eddie Hearn to set up the bout. “Yeah [I’m tired of it],” McAteer said. “I’d rather he came in here now, and we just go, let bygones be bygones. Let’s just be civil.

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