Sir Bobby Charlton was authentic to the core and that endeared him to so many – Daxa Patel

Sir Bobby Charlton, the Manchester United legend, was laid to rest this week. He was instrumental in England winning the World Cup final in 1966. Now, I am not a football fan though I never fail to watch a World Cup final, or if England are in the game.

I am, however, a fan of great leaders and team players, and Sir Bobby ranks as the number one when it comes to inspiring others to be their best.

As I am no football expert I will skip his footballing achievements, but of note, is the fact that Sir Bobby won 106 caps for England and scored 49 international goals, a record at the time.

Former England captain David Beckham recently said he owes everything he achieved to this great man, and there will be many more who feel the same.

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